Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fuck Paris

I just watched troy. I fucking hate this movie. Okay not the entire movie. They said that the movie was about three heroes of different personalities or qualities or whatever bullshit. Fuck that, it's about two men and a fucking dumbass. I mean, what's more insulting than having a name that goes "Paris", I can't think of a better excuse to commit suicide.

He's a dumbass, first he insulted his father and started a war because of his love for another dumbass, and to add insult to injury, she's a fucking blonde.

And this same dumbass Paris actually dodged a fight after agreeing to it, after proving over and over again that he's an airhead, now he's a coward too? I mean, you know you're doomed the minute you're born since you're named "Paris", and now you're further dooming your own existence. Fuck.

I don't even understand why Helen fell for this dumbass, oh wait, I do, she's a dumbass too, and she's not even that hot, if she was played by Jessica Alba I'd fucking write a letter to the oscars for this movie to win the fucking best picture, but no she's not, so she and "Paris" can fuck off.

Seriously this film had the best setting, two heroes, two great characters, and then this fucker who looks like justin timberlake had to barge in and throw shit on everybody.

You know there should have been a twist in this movie. When Archilles was challenging Hector, yeah, Hector should have gone up to Archilles and went "I'm tired of that dumbfuck", then Archilles will go "Me too muthafuckah". And they both kill "Paris", laugh, eat, and fuck the blonde, then Hector can go fuck his wife and have another son while Archilles will fuck the princess, then they will kill the greek dumbfuck ruler, and all will live happily ever after.

But NOOO, the director just had to piss everyone off, then make "Paris" kill Archilles with the most fucking cowardly act I've seen in a fucking movie. He fucking killed Archilles, he must be proud of himself oooooooooooo he's so brave..... Shut the fuck up. Archilles was hugging the princess dumbass, stuart fucking little could have killed the muthafuckah.

Tell me what is the benefit of a living "Paris"? No, nothing at all, I doubt he even fucked the blonde yet, I bet he only "Loves" the blonde. Dumbfuck.

Okay I'm pissed.

BTW. I've watched an old movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". It's nice btw, it's a classic lah kan, of course..

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