Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shit i watched

kinda nice looking, and great actors (del toro always looks cool as fuck), but overall it was just okay to me. it was well made, the whole atmosphere, the part when he was turning into the werewolf and shit, but the story was too bland.

book of eli

ehh not bad, great hero-villain combo in denzel-oldman but the movie overall could've been way better. what a pity since it had a very mad max-y fallout-y backdrop, the dream of post-apocalypse-bonered geeks. for some reason i thought they got the colour correction wrong, it was way too chromy and almost 300-level annoying, they should learn more from korean movies on how they could make shit bleak yet beautiful. some of the action scenes were kinda cool though.

i love this shit, haha, blaxploitation spoof, it's as slick as oss117 and funny as shit my man, wahuukgea, y'all gotta watch this shit it's mad slept on it came out last year you know.

the invention of lying
i will forever love ricky gervais for the office but fuck is he annoying as himself, the atheist. what i hate so much about some atheist assholes is that they don't realize they can be as annoying as some religious assholes too. annoying douches are annoying douches it don't matter what colour race religion whatever the fuck. this movie is boring atheist propaganda, i don't really give a fuck if it's any propaganda but it is so fucking horrible, i love formulaic movies you know those easy to watch mainstream movies about some dude who one day wakes up as a ship and now has to convince the woman that he loves to fall in love with a ship but fuck me this movie just fell flat maybe cause it was way too obnoxious, yeah we get it bla bla bla you don't believe in god and you think it's ridiculous cause of bla bla bla but this is a fucking movie entertain or get the fuck out. sometimes these atheist assholes are way more annoying than religious assholes i would give out my wu tang t-shirt to see the look on their faces as they are proven wrong.

this was kinda nice, the kid who acted as the asshole kid was very good i really felt for his character, so was the other kid the son of rambow, a very touching imaginative movie.

up in the air
i don't know this was just okay i guess. wayyy too much acoustic guitar with some white dude singing softly as background music.

the parole officer
kind of a waste of steve coogan but what the heck nice easy to watch formulaic movie with a british twist ekk why not.

bored to death season 1
hbo shit, yeah nice chillout shit, private investigator kinda shit and includes a goofy high ted danson. i have a thing for ted danson from cheers to becker to curb your enthusiasm etc. etc. etc. ekk why not.

blue collar
surely the best ever acting performance by the late great richard pryor. great movie, great atmosphere, great chemistry between the main casts which other than pryor includes harvey fucking keitel and yaphet kotto. i was watching this movie and due to their performance onscreen i thought these guys were real close buddies off it, later on i found out they were actually throwing punches at each other during filming. that's good acting.

nanny mcphee
nice, unexpected but i kinda enjoyed it. nanny mcphee was kinda cool.

the stunt man
i watched this just now, a very bizarre movie, had a great performance by peter o'toole. i think i like this movie, it's really well-made, the pace of the movie is almost perfect it's like scene after scene flowing so nicely no matter how hectic or weird it would get, even the movie inside the movie seemed interesting the scoring was dope too. it's basically about some vietnam vet running away from the law stumbling into the set of a world war i movie and somehow brought in as a stuntman by the eccentric director played amazingly by peter o'toole.

the hammer
really chillout, just watch, listen, see what happens kinda rom-com. nothing unique but that's what i like about some movies, no need to get out ya comfort zone and shit. it's just about some guy who's gonna achieve great success, i like, sexytime and get the girl he loves, the guy is funny too it's adam carolla a famous dj or sumin' in america, he's just a funny guy. you know one of those witty tall dudes with a nicaraguan sidekick, i don't know. he just seemed so natural you know it's almost like watching him actually you know falling for the women and bla bla bla, it's basically about this loser who you know finally makes something of himself i just have a thing for losers hmm i wonder why wahuhukgea.

meet bill


dirty work
wahukkgea norm macdonald, he's just norm macdonald, this movie is hilarious, and to top it off it's a great 90's formulaic easy to watch movie. some funny ass cameos too, namely chevy chase (classic dry chevy chase here), the late chris farley, gary coleman (yes), don rickles, adam sandler, and many more.

the hangover
a non-funny dude, where's my car

an education
not bad, ok.

homie spumoni
not bad too.

big stan
yeah, kinda nice.

drillbit taylor


Anoneemus™ said...

Erm, klu ikut ur rating, mana yg top 3 antara movies di atas?

penyelamat dunia said...

mana ada top 3, top 7 ada tapi in no particular order:
black dynamite
son of rambow
blue collar
nanny mcphee
the stunt man
the hammer
dirty work