Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jurassic Fifteen

What is the significance of Jackson 5 in my life?

I'm about to reveal a secret that won't be too surprising in this world chokeful of psychos and post rock.

When I was little I had 4 brothers, one younger, the others older, we all wore jackets in different colours, I wore red because Michael Jackson wore red in the "beat it" video. This is not too far off from Jackson 5 when Randy came in allthough they should've been Jackson 6 by that time, I think, fuck I know too lazy to wikipedia.

By the time I was 11, they were no longer by my side, I wasn't sad, I just moved on, this was around the time I started to develop full-blown boners which felt slightly uncomfortable at first, watching "oriental massage" with my friends after skipping school.

Why the entry drought - Cause I don't have a life to write about.

What's on my playlist and why? (Cause people give two fucks) :-

  • One Be Lo - decepticons
    cause he can flow AND sample.

  • Big L - da graveyard
    cause he "gets more pussy by accident than otha niggaz get on purpose".

  • The Clash - police on my back
    cause this song is so cute and geeky despite about well, police being on their backs.

  • The Clash - rudie can't fail
    cause of the way "what i neeedddd i just don'ttt haveeeeee" is delivered ... and how "fail" was pronounced, ruuuudieee can'tt fiaaaiialalllll

  • Sham69 - if the kids are united
    cause, uh well, i dunno, this should be a school anthem or suttin'.

  • Operation Ivy - sound system
    cause i love them.

  • Operation Ivy - bad town
    cause they fucking rule, duh? and this is where half of Rancid originated.

  • Naughty by Nature - hip hop hooray
    cause hip hop anthems used to have a simple formula - bangin' beat + emcees who could spit, come on who the fuck wants to fuck with Treach's steez?

  • Redman - put it down
    cause Redman and Timbaland are the kings of club bangaz, i wonda if they play this shit in ghetto heaven

  • Nine - whutcha want
    cause his voice makes frequencies run for they lives.

  • Organized Konfusion - black sunday
    cause Pharoahe Monch can sing, and sounds betta on beats like this.

  • Bounty Killer - mad n psycho
    cause dancehall djs can kill you with their voices alone (by dancehall i mean dancehall not seandapaul). and dancehall clash crowds do not throw hands in the air, they throw flames, yes, pure fucking fire.

  • Jackson 5 - i wanna be where you are
    cause mj sings betta as kid, and his brothers provided him the best backdrop.

  • Jackson 5 - gotta be there
    cause this is the most jiwangest song in the world, and big nosed mj, is the shit.

  • Jackson 5 - maybe tomorrow
    cause this is what Ghostface sampled for his classic song, and Ghostface like J5, RULEZ yo azz

  • Mobb Deep - hit it from the back
    cause they are the evil bruvaz of Kriss Kross, can y'all not tell from the title of the track.

  • Incognito - still hip hop (radio edit)
    cause the yellow bastard on the vocals, and the chink fuck on the boom bapopals, they are the future

  • Smif-N-Wessun - bucktown
    cause of the classic jazz sample and how ghetto rap should be delivered.

  • Ras Muhammad - money feat. Diplomats International
    cause this indo dude can raga and I like Mistah's voice and flow.

  • Heltah Skeltah - letha brainz blow
    cause this is what's gangsta.

  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth - i got a love
    cause Pete Rock rocks the horns like no other

..Man i suck at punctuating

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