Friday, November 25, 2005


Semua orang perasan tak kalau orang buat survey online main-main tuh, mesti masa dia tengah bosan, atau mesti dimulakan dengan disclaimer yang dia tengah bosan "bored so i did this bla bla", asal uh? Apalah nasib survey, dah bosan baru dilayan, takpun bila buat survey tuh dikira tak macho, so kalau cover sikit cakap sebenarnya tengah bosan so buat maka macho masih dijaga, tapi tuh kalau laki, kalau perempuan pulak? Pening aku fikir hal dunia nih. Kesimpulannya sekarang aku tak berapa bosan sebab aku ada laptop untuk online dan chatting, dan aku nak buat survey tapi aku takde survey nak buat, kat mana diaorang dapat ah survey survey nih, pukilalala.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Barbarian Wants You

*nelly kelly - dilemma video on tv*

littlestsista : why does he have that white thing on his face?
penyangak : because he's stupid

I need a girl to ride ride ride, wait, change that to ride ride me, I ain't no killa.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wayne Rooney Rulez

The Eagles - love will keep us alive
"when we're hungry, love will keep us alive" - I prefer a hash brown.

I walked into the bathroom, was about to take a bath, looked at that placewhereIkeepmysoap, my soap wasn't there, oh my, I looked for the soap everywhere, couldn't find it, then I felt the placewhereIkeepmysoap, the soap was there! Now why didn't I see it?! Oh yes, because my toilet's light is damaged, yes, it is. But taking a shit in the dark is good, you can sleep, and when you wake up your shit have soaked up all the water like sponge, and maybe you can use it to shower, just kidding, no, seriously don't try it. Ramadhan is over so I can eat during the day so expect the usual once or twice a month update, or maybe I have changed into a daily updating blogger, we will see bastichez. Man utd beat Chelsea, Fletcher scored, but I still hate him, Alan Smith rulez. Mm I saw Gol&Gincu, the leading girl has a nice pair of nose, or is it just nose, it turns me on, good movie, but her execution of whatever was weak. Peace.