Friday, March 20, 2009

love time

been revisiting curb your enthusiasm flipping through random episodes before watching the whole 6th season in order i realize now after rewatching this shit that the 6th season is prolly the best what with larry's chemistry with the blacks and the steve coogan cameo and his arsehole wife leaving him there better be a new one in the works larry and the blacks nameen i been playin' lotsa futsal i'm not good at it but fuck cut me some slack i've only just started playing regularly now that i'm able plus who cares i'm not that good not even decent at masturbation either but i still love it to bits i mean my cock is bored as shit at my lack of variety in terms of porn and technique and all i guess i'm just not that creative but i love that shit yo like seriously been doing a ridiculously small amount of work thanks although sometimes it makes me feel like a loser when have i ever not felt like a loser i'm a loser why would i feel like something else rochakz's journal jemaat dua puluh bulan mac dua ribu sembilan kulit oren dan banana bergelimps oh kotor sungguh tong sampah dah nama pun tong sampah i can't believe how fucking rewatchable the office is fuck right after rewatching the whole 2 seasons in order i rewatched that shit again i love that shit so much i'm too scared to check out the american one don't spoil my shit anyways i love watching movies in the cinema alone wearing long sleeved thingies it makes me feel good for no tangible reason i like this camera obscura song i can't write respectable rap lyrics so i guess am'a have to find a niche in which people dig lyrics that doesn't make much sense but sounds okay on a beat i remember the whole tight corduroys and tight round necks i wore normal pants the other day wow it has been like nearly a decade since i wore normal cutting pants i dunno i just fucking love baggy pants so much i don't know why it looks random and cool. random and cool. random and cool.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

four wives and food

like all other arseholes i was browsing my own fb profile.

sums up... the life?