Thursday, November 16, 2006

TV Talk About Radio

What is wrong with this world, two of my favourite TV series, or prolly best generally - House and The Wire, they both have british actor as the leading character/asshole, House has this guy, and The Wire has this guy.

They're both so good at accents they can carry the US accent very convincingly and when called upon in the series to mimick a limey accent as a US citizen - they do it badly, get it, a US citizen mimicking a limey accent and sounding like an asshole.

Also, not forgetting the coolest character with the coolest dialogues in the whole wide world, Al Swearengen from Deadwood. At first I thought he was a US actor who can do a mild limey accent and is blessed with a script full of british humour, then I realized I had the internet and thus am able to do some mild research, he is played by this guy, a fucking brit. Fucking cunts, arsehole, arseprick.

I'm currently watching House as it goes. But this month alone, I've finished all fucking three seasons of The fucking Wire, it is so fucking sick I went non stop with it, stopping only to get out of the house to get some air. Now I need the fourth season, I've stopped going to the pirate, I don't think it's still out in pirate land yet, so I'm trying to download that shit. Man it is so sick I'm gonna write about why it is the shit.

Why The Wire is the shit

  • Season 1 has a real cool theme song (A nice remake of Tom Waits' way down in the hole)

  • The arsehole leading actor cop fucks anything that moves and goes about his job like he owns the fucking police department and doesn't seem to give a fuck about anything other than pussy, beer, and police work

  • The conflict in the drug gang - between two leaders - the old school gangbanger and the business-minded fuck, the business-minded fuck being one of my favourite characters

  • The lesbo cop is cool

  • The old cop who does miniature doll furnitures to kill time is cool

  • The earlier story about the guy in dilemma between gangsterism and straightism was nice

  • At one point in season one some random dude in the background shouted "Wu Tang killah bees"

  • Method Man was featured in season two and three, and I think the Onyx guy was some insignificant muscle who got punked by Omar

  • Omar (Every drug dealer's nightmare) is the muthafucking shit, even tho he's a faggot, yes a real one, and no he's not a cop, he robs drug dealers

  • The port union story in season 2 was pretty nice even tho it started quite slow

  • How the cops had to manouvre between having fucked up equipment and fucked up career police politics was pretty cool

  • Dialogues are cool, realistic, funny, wokeva

  • The lieutenant is cool

  • How the series started by focusing on one gang, then it evolves into paying attention to the other gangs, from the old school ones to the new school with this one young'n bad cold muthufucka by the name of Marlo

  • The fucking sex scenes, and how they go about them, like my favourite was this one where Jimmy (The arsehole cop) was drunk as fuck, ends up in a diner, waiter comes, he looks at the waiter *ZAS* AHHA hhahhh fuck scene

  • The "Fuck" scene, where Jimmy and his old partner Bunk was checking a murder scene, and all they muttered for 5 mintues were variations of "Fuck"

  • The dialogues between them blacks didn't annoy me, they were really cool, or maybe just because it was near NY, seriously ebonics usually annoy me for some reason, but these negros were cool as fuck with it, numsayin

  • AND FUCKING OTHERS ETC., fuck it I hate making lists on the top of the dome, fuck

Okay that's done. Why do I love House? Cause of House, he's a cool muthafuckah. Anyway about Deadwood tho, I kinda left after season one cause I hate cowboys but if there's one reason to see it, it's Al Swearengen, his fucking dialogue.

Back to The Wire, it's a pity that it's not so popular and well promoted as much as Grey's Anatomy, everyone seems to like that show, okay I admit I watch it too, but compared to shit like House and shit, it's fucking shite. They have one good character, that Alex fuck, but he has as much screentime as a monkey in One Tree Hill. And how annoying is that nerd fuck in One Tree Hill? What the fuck? What happened to nerds? Nerds used to be cool. Argkh fuck it, fuck the world like 2pac.

And The Wire prolly has the largest cast of good black actors. Seriously, these muthafuckaz can fucking ACT.